Designed by: Parrish Byrne

Model: MM

Core: P.U

Size: 5'9 x 19 1/4 x 2 1/4  29.9 L



The MM is our best all round performance shortboard and will excel in all conditions for the average to the advanced surfer.

Combined with a smooth plan shape the MM has a medium entry rocker that is slightly flatter through the central part of the board into a medium exit rocker for better release.

The MM features a nice rolled deck with a medium soft rail meaning that it is very forgiving board. A single concave starting at the nose running into a double concave between the front of the fins which blends into a slight vee off the tail. This combo makes for easy maneuverability while still giving the board maximum lift and speed.

With a perfect combination between the rocker and bottom contours, this gives the MM a perfect balance of speed, drive and release in all types of waves and conditions. we also recommend a squash tail for the mm and it goes in a wide variety of conditions.

The MM is our go to board in all conditions.


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Standard dimensions


Flatter entry rocker
Flat through the mid section
Tail flip off the front fins to the tail
Single concave
Slight double concave between fins
Slight ‘V’ off the tail

Byrne 5'9 MM model